Update on Government Shutdown and Rebuilding Together Priorities

As of Monday, October 7th, Congress and the President remain unable to agree on how to fund the government for the funding year, which has resulted in a continuing shutdown of the Federal government since October the 1st. The shutdown has little to no impact on the Federal programs that support Rebuilding Together in the short-term.

The 65 CapacityCorps members at 32 affiliates will continue to be paid. The AmeriCorps grant that funds Rebuilding Together’s CapacityCorps program has already been awarded and will not be affected by the shutdown.  Similarly, the 57 affiliates who receive CDBG funding, which is awarded in the form of grants from the city or county in which they operate, will continue to be funded during the shutdown.

In the longer term, funding for Federal programs that support Rebuilding Together and would arrive in June/August of next year are at risk of being cut moderately, or significantly, but not eliminated. The debt-limit, which could be reached on October 17th, would impact the economy and low-income homeowners if it were reached, and the United States were unable to pay our debts. However, we continue to put the odds that an agreement in some form with respect to the debt limit and the shutdown will be reached before the 17th at over 95%.  Even if that 95% expectation is not realized, CDBG and CapacityCorps funding for this year are safe.

We are engaging as appropriate and will continue to monitor the situation and its impact on Rebuilding Together priorities.

If you have any questions, please email Matt de Ferranti at MdeFerranti@RebuildingTogether.org or call him at 202-518-3123