Our Mission

Repairing homes, revitalizing communities, rebuilding lives.

Our Vision

Rebuilding Together Oklahoma City’s vision is to create safe homes and communities for everyone.

Our Values

We are mission-focused in all we do; through fundraising, programs, and services with other organizations, all activities reflect our mission. Our team is mission-committed. Each staff member, board member, and volunteer is thoroughly committed to the mission of Rebuilding Together Oklahoma City.  Our organization embraces a casual culture, enabling us to accomplish the mission in a comfortable and encouraging atmosphere.  We embrace flexibility in each of our endeavors. Our team has a “can-do” attitude and embraces the opportunity to help out in any and every way we can.  We strive for innovation in our programs, development, and outreach. We seek to always evaluate and find new and better ways to accomplish our mission.

Our Impact

Since 1992, Rebuilding Together OKC has provided critical repairs to over 3,500 homes, 40 nonprofit facilities, and 8 public buildings in the Oklahoma City metro area with the help of 80,000 volunteers. Our mission is responding to a crisis in our country – that of aging housing stock and the growing number of people who, because of age, disability, or lack of resources, live in dilapidated or inaccessible housing. What began as one workday in April has become a year-round mission to provide free repairs and rehabilitate the homes of low-income seniors in our community.
Home by home and block by block, Rebuilding Together OKC transforms lives through the year-round mobilization of volunteers fueled by a diverse group of local, corporate, and federal partnerships. In most cases, our work is not an extreme makeover but a focus on improvements that have the biggest impact and keep homeowners safe, warm and dry. Services available to eligible homeowners can include: accessibility ramps, grab bars, ADA compliant bathroom remodeling and fixtures, smoke alarms, roofing repairs, heating and air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, and weatherization. By leveraging our relationships with licensed professionals our capacity to provide larger, more holistic repairs has grown exponentially.

Our Ramp Team 

Since 2000, a group of volunteers, meet up to accomplish that very important job. The volunteer group which includes an architect build ADA wheelchair ramps for homeowners, who might not be able to leave his or her home without it. Given the nickname “ The A Team”, the group works like clockwork building upwards to 50 ramps a year on Thursdays. The goal for our Ramp Team is to provide homeowners the ability to live independently in their homes. While the objectives are for those who receive ramps is to feel safe and comfortable, experience improved mobility and utilize the permanent structure provided.

Board of Directors

  • President – Andrea Gossard, VINCIT
  • Vice President – Carrie Holland, COX COMMUNICATIONS
  • Treasurer – Landon Lewis, HM CAPITAL
  • Secretary – Stephanie McCombs, BOWEN FOUNDATION
  • Governance – Cassie Bowen, COMMUNITY VOLUNTEER
  • Development – Dominique Harris, MANHATTAN CONSTRUCTION
  • Past President – Cynthia Pearson, COMMERCE BANK

Board Members

  • Cristen Carroll, NOREGON
  • John McCharen, EMCS, INC.
  • Julie Oliver, OSBORNE ELECTRIC
  • Mark Cisneros, THE BOEING COMPANY

Advisory Board Members

  • Claude Drabek, DRABEK & HILL
  • Clay Cockrill, TRINITY BUILDS
  • Jack Coffman, OG&E (retired)
  • Jeff Simpsen, QUANTUM FORMS

Meet our staff

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Rebuilding Together Oklahoma City was formerly Christmas in April.

Contact us at (405) 607-0464 or contact@rtokc.org