Disaster Recovery: Ms. Janet Gets a New Roof

Janet roofRoof work by Majestic Roofing

On May 31, when heavy rain, thunderstorms and tornadoes swept through the OKC metro, Ms. Janet’s home took a hard hit.  Her roof was already in need of repair, and these natural disasters made her problems even worse.  “I had to keep buckets in my living room to catch the water when it rained.”  Ms. Janet pointed to a huge hole in her ceiling.  “The water would pour right into my living room.”

Water damages insulation in the attic, sheet-rock on the walls and flooring throughout the home.  Without a roof replacement, Ms. Janet’s home would continue to deteriorate.   Ms. Janet, however, did not have the thousands of dollars it would cost to pay for a new roof.  She turned to Rebuilding Together OKC.

Rebuilding Together OKC, with help from Majestic Roofing, used resources from their Disaster Relief fund, established by grants and generous donors this spring, to replaced Janet’s roof.  “I love the new roof,” said Janet.  “And I know it will be better on my electric bill.”

Ms. Janet, born and raised in Oklahoma City, gets to remain in her home of 17 years.

Rebuilding Together OKC is currently providing disaster relief assistance for clients living in the Oklahoma City metro.  If you are, or know someone who is, in need of repairs caused by the spring severe weather, you can find our application here!