David and Dee O. – Rebuilding Day Homeowners


David and Deanna (Dee) O. have been married for more than three decades and there is no denying the love they have for one another.  The couple met at a dance and have been there for one another ever since.  David says Dee was his nurse during his years playing softball.  When he would get hurt, she was there to patch up his wounds.  Dee noted that David took care of her the times she was too sick to go to work.  David and Dee celebrated their 35th anniversary in December by purchasing new wedding bands.

Both David and Dee struggle with mental disabilities, but that has not stopped them having successful jobs and doing what they love.  David worked 29 years at Junior’s of Oklahoma City.  Dee learned several trades including home repair and art from Dale Roger’s Training Center and UCO’s cooking school.  She has had many creative jobs and also worked a few years with David at Junior’s.  David suffered a neck injury three years ago and retired from his career.  Dee also chose to leave the workforce and now spends her time as an artist, painting and drawing.  Some of her pieces have sold and others she has given away.

Mr. and Mrs. O. are Oklahoma natives, forever calling OKC home.  Their current home previously belonged to Dee’s parents.  In addition to the house being old, it has been hit by numerous hail storms.  David and Dee have tried their best to keep the home in good condition.  Due to David’s injury he cannot physically do the jobs he would like.  Dee has used her skills to make minor repairs, but needs assistance for the larger tasks.  She is able to clean the house daily and keeps it very tidy.

The couple spends most of their time at home.  To celebrate holidays and special events they will go out to eat.  They have two dogs named Sweet Pea and Dixie.

A volunteer team will work on Mr. and Mrs. O’s home for Rebuilding Day this year!  If you financially support our Rebuilding Day efforts this year, not only will you help improve the homes of clients like David and Dee, in addition a generous donor will match your financial contribution dollar-for-dollar!!  Are you up to the challenge?!  Click here to DONATE NOW!