Ms. Peggy – A Rebuilding Day Homeowner


Ms. Peggy lives with her cat Clyde in north Oklahoma City.  This native Oklahoman enjoys embroidery and crafting, reading a good book and visiting with her neighbors.  She has been in her current home over 50 years.  It is the home where her children were raised and holidays were celebrated.  Her home has gone through several severe storms leaving major damage, and has been repaired more times than Ms. Peggy can count.  With her husband passing and her own degrading health, not to mention the tough financial times, Peggy isn’t able to provide critical upkeep like she once did.

Peggy was born in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma.  She went to school in Muskogee to become a registered radiology technician.  Her first job was near her hometown in Wynnewood.  While on duty, Peggy was reconnected with a familiar face.  A young man named Oscar came into the clinic to donate blood for a sick family member.  Oscar was also from Pauls Valley, and Peggy remembered him as ‘the boy who ran over me on his bicycle.’  It wasn’t long until the two moved past their differences, fell in love and were married.  The newlywed couple moved the Oklahoma City to start their family.

As her husband worked, Peggy took time off from her career to raise their children – six altogether.  The family loved traveling together.  Camping in the Colorado and Oklahoma mountains was their favorite activity.  Even after the children grew up and moved away, Peggy and Oscar would still go camping together.  Peggy took her husband on trips until the day he passed away.  She eventually returned to work at Baptist Hospital until retirement in 1992.

Today Peggy suffers from severe arthritis that keeps her mobility limited.  Her vision is kept stable by monthly eye injections.  Peggy’s four living children visit her when they can, often on holidays and vacations.  She has next-door neighbors who assist her with daily activities, such as taking out the trash and going grocery shopping.

Rebuilding Together has built a wheel-chair ramp for Ms. Peggy.  On Rebuilding Day a volunteer team will do more work to her home.  To help support our work on Rebuilding Day you can donate today and a generous donor will match your financial contribution dollar-for-dollar!!  Are you up to the challenge?!  Click here to DONATE NOW!