Disaster Recovery: Ms. Preseldia’s Remodel

Ms. Preseldia’s home of ten years was badly damaged by the flooding of May 31st.  The flood waters completely ruined her hard wood floors and the walls were affected eighteen inches up from the floor.  Ms. Preseldia received some money from FEMA, but was physically unable to completed the needed repairs on her own.


“I knew about Rebuilding Together because you had previously helped my mother before she passed away,” said Preseldia.  “I called your organization and you came to my rescue!”


Combining Preseldia’s payment from FEMA with disaster recovery money from donors including the AARP and State Farm, Rebuilding Together OKC replaced the sheetrock throughout Preseldia’s home, painted the entire interior and installed brand new carpet!


“There’s no place like home,” Ms. Preseldia says. “Your help was a true blessing and it allows me to be able to remain in my home.  I can’t say thank you enough!”


Ms. Preseldia has beautifully decorated her remodeled home.  She is currently turning her guest room into a children’s room.  Her desire is to become a foster parent and take care of children who need a family.