Ms. Mary P – A Rebuilding Day Homeowner

Mary Penny

Ms. Mary P. lives in Oklahoma City with her puppy dog.  She has been in her home for 36 years.  Her house is very old and she has done a lot to take care of it and keep it clean.  Due to her age and mobility issues, Mary has struggled to complete larger repairs on her home.   She believes help from Rebuilding Together will allow her more independence and mobility, as well as allow her to continue to live in her own home.

Ms. P. is totally deaf.   She was born hearing and became deaf due to illness and a high fever.  Her husband and love of her life past away 17 years ago.  Together they had three children: Gary, Johnny and Sam.  Johnny spends a lot of time with his mother.  He helps translate for her through sign language.  When Johnny can’t help, Mary has a translation system built into her phone and television.  An interpreter will speak with the caller and sign into a video camera that plays on Mary’s television.  She is able to talk with her friends and family over the phone this way.  Mary is also very active in her church.

Due to a hail storm two years ago, Mary’s insurance put a new roof on her home.  Rebuilding Together wants to continue to make repairs for Ms. Mary.  Our volunteers have already replaced her shower and inserted grab bars in the bathroom.  A volunteer team will work on Rebuilding Day, April 13, painting the interior and exterior of the home, repairing water damage in the dining room, and replacing the storm door.

To help support our work on Mary’s home and many more like it in the OKC metro on Rebuilding Day, you can donate today and a generous donor will match your financial contribution dollar-for-dollar!!  Are you up to the challenge?!  Click here to DONATE NOW!