Ms. Doris N. – A Rebuilding Day Homeowner


Two years ago, Ms. Doris suffered a severe stroke.  The stroke left her with limited mobility and cognitive functions.  Doris has an extremely supportive family, including a son who currently lives with her.  The family was helped with home upkeep as much as possible, but they are in need of outside assistance.  The home is very dark and cluttered and cold making it even more difficult for Doris to get around with easy and comfort.

Doris has been a homeowner for 30 years.  After meeting her husband at church and getting married in 1973, the couple moved into their home.  In this home Doris and her late husband raised their three children.  As the children grew up, they didn’t go very far.  They each live in the same neighborhood raising grandchildren next to their grandmother Doris.

In addition to being a mother, Ms. Doris went to school to become a nurse and worked in the orthopedic wing of St. Anthony Hospital until 2006.  Doris loves music and singing, and used to be a choir member at the Pentecostal church, which she still attends.  Because of her limitations, she now spends her time watching movies and television and enjoying time with her family, especially the six grandchildren.

A volunteer team will work on Ms. Doris’ home for Rebuilding Day on April 13.  This team will paint the interior and exterior of the home, replace light fixtures to brighten up the home, clean, organize and declutter each room, and repair doors and windows to keep the home warm.