Ms. Coise (MLK Work Week Homeowner)


Poetry or prose, it does not matter, Ms. Coise loves to write. Her kitchen displays just how much she loves it, with journal after journal lining the shelves.  These journals contain her thoughts and own original works.  And like any good writer, Coise loves to read.  She prefers stories with feeling and non-fiction books. Some of her favorites are A Prayer for Owen Meany and Tuesdays with Morrie.

“I’ll go back and re-read Tuesdays with Morrie just for the emotion in it,” Coise said.

Beyond being an active writer and reader, Coise is a single mother and a dedicated one at that. She worked tirelessly in different households as a nanny, in addition to various odd jobs to take care of herself and her daughter Halley.

“I want [my daughter] to have all the opportunities that I didn’t have,” Coise said. “I don’t want her to miss out on anything that she might want to do.”

Halley graduated high school in 2011. She is currently working to find a way to pursue a college education. She hopes to study theater or film. Together, Coise and Halley, like to go to the movies, visit family and go out to eat dinner.

In 2005, Coise suffered a major heart attack.  Doctors told her that she was lucky to have survived.  Since the heart attack, she has undergone multiple surgeries, having a pacemaker and stints put in. Her health conditions have put a strain on Coise’s everyday life, making it difficult to get out of the house like she once did. She hasn’t been able to go back to work since 2005.

Despite these changes to her lifestyle, she is still able to go to church. Coise also enjoys shopping at thrift shops for new home decorations. In the future, Coise hopes to work with children or the elderly to help take care of them. She also wants to write children’s books.

Rebuilding Together OKC will repair and remodel Ms. Coise’s home during CapacityCorps MLK Work Week.  She has lived in this neighborhood nearly her entire life and currently lives in the house in which she was raised.