Mrs. Pearl B.

As part of National Falls Prevention Awareness Day on September 22, Rebuilding Together is working alongside an Occupational Therapist to make Mrs. Pearl B.’s home fall free. The National Council on Aging reports that every year, one in three Americans aged 65+ falls and every 29 minutes, an older adult dies following a fall.

Pearl B. is a 72 year old. She lives in Oklahoma City with her daughter and son-in-law, who help with general upkeep of the home and yard. Pearl has suffered from rheumatoid arthritis since 1970. In 2010 she had bilateral knee replacements. She currently uses a walker to get around most rooms in her home and outside of the home. She has a lap dog of about 12 pounds named Pepper that stays by her side.

Pearl performs many duties in her home including washing dishes and doing her own laundry. She works as a volunteer from home for her church by creating a prayer list. Pearl also enjoys social visits from her pastor and fellow church members. She enjoys her word search as a leisure activity. Pearl collects tea pots and other trinkets.

To help prevent falls in Pearl’s house we will increase lighting in kitchen and hallway by install new light fixtures; install grab bars on bedroom wall so there is a safe grip for her; replace thresholds between living room and kitchen, between kitchen and pantry, and between hallway and bathroom; and also spray non-slip material on shower floor. One small change that can also add to lighting and preventing falls is painting rooms in the home to increase brightness and visibility. Therefore, we will also be painting inside and outside the home. Additionally, our Occupational Therapist will spend some time with Mrs. B. and her family teaching them about household safety.

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