Mrs. Mary B.

Mary Baxter

Mrs. Mary B. has lived in her OKC home for 44 years.  She and her husband moved to the city for his job after they first married.  Together they had three children – Charlie, Everett and Kathy.  All three children still live in the OKC metro and Mary sees them frequently.  Mrs. B. has 7 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild.

Mary grew up in Southeastern Oklahoma near the Red River.  She was one of eight children born into a family of farmers.  By her teen years, Mary was in the fields farming with her father, brothers and sisters.  The B’s traded their farm for a restaurant and moved to Tulsa where Mary graduated high school in 1949.  She worked as a book keeper after graduation.

Mary was a brave and independent woman who waited until she was 24 to get married.  She took a chance and met her husband on a blind date!  Mary told me after meeting for the first time the relationship just blossomed.  She soon became a stay at home mom for her three children.  Mary’s husband worked for a restaurant supply company.  The two were married 47 years until her husband passed away.

In her free time, Mary taught ceramics art classes to ladies in her community.  She would teach classes of women how to make ceramics.  Her teaching hobby lasted almost 6 years until ceramics became less popular.  Through her artistic talents, Mary impacted dozens of women by teaching them a valuable skill they could use to support their families.