Mr. Juan T – A Rebuilding Day Homeowner

Juan Tapia

Mr. T has M.S. and is in a motorized wheelchair.  He can rise from the chair to take a few steps if he has something to hold onto, but he spends most of the day in his chair.  Juan has lived in his OKC home 8 years, and has been unable to provide the repairs he needs to get around his home safety.

Though he broke his leg and shoulder last fall and was moved into his sisters home, Juan insisted that he remain independent in his own home after he recovered.  Now back where he feels comfortable under his own roof, Rebuilding Together has been working to improve Mr. T’s living conditions.

An individual volunteer with Rebuilding Together, remodeled Juan’s bathroom giving him more space and providing safety modifications to his toilet and shower.  On Rebuilding Day, a volunteer team will continue work on Juan’s home.

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