Clyde Riggs Volunteer of the Year Award for 2012

Words from one of Mark’s coworkers: “Mark Cisneros has been the consummate Rebuilding Together Champion, Volunteer, Evaluator, Skill Team Captain for over 7 years for Boeing. RT has provided Mark the opportunity to further hone his already formidable organizational skills. He developed a spreadsheet to schedule our work scope and broke the work into manageable tasks for one of many projects. Mark fostered his volunteers’ leadership skills by soliciting skill captains for each of the tasks and ensured adequate resources for the success of each sub-team. When the organizing was complete, Mark rolled up his sleeves and got into the thick of the tasks, never standing idle while there was work to do.

Positive Role Model: Mark was a very positive role model throughout the project. His ability to motivate and organize the team was nothing short of amazing. He worked each week with a smile on his face and a plan in his pocket to keep the team moving forward. Mark was by far the most dedicated and hardworking of the team and everyone enjoyed his smooth leadership demeanor on the project. He encouraged, mentored, taught and shared task responsibilities with task leaders to foster a feeling of ownership in the projects. In addition, Mark took a week of his own vacation this year to personally lay the flooring in our homeowner’s house so that her respiratory issues could be quelled. On a special note, Mark established such a rapport with the homeowner that on one weekend morning when Mrs Downs failed to answer her door – he took immediate action. Mark checked all the windows and doors and finally located Mrs Downs in her bedroom. Although she is almost completely deaf, Mark tried several ways to get her attention. When she seemed unresponsive, Mark called 911 because he recognized her apparent distress. The fire department and ambulance entered the house and confirmed her critical medical condition. She was transported to the hospital where she was admitted into intensive care. Mark did not leave her side until her son was located and eventually arrived at the hospital after several hours. Although she remained in the hospital for several days, Mark visited often and with Mrs. Down’s authorization, arranged with her son for access to the residence during her hospital stay so that the team could continue working during her absence. Had it not been for the compassionate relationship Mark had developed with the Mrs. Downs and his understanding of her sensitive medical conditions, the team might well have left that day and the outcome could have been tragic.

Mark Cisneros is an exceptional American and one the entire Boeing team is fortunate to have as a team leader. Mark’s dedication to helping his community and fellow citizens is not bound by RT, he also donates his time and generosity to MANY other worthy causes.”