Tyler Outdoor Advertising, Drabek and Hill, and Rebuilding Together OKC keep home warm for grandmother and four grandchildren this holiday season

Linda S.

Oklahoma City – Linda Stewart’s home and heart has been filled with warmth this Christmas season.  This week, Ms. Stewart won a free heating system from Drabek and Hill, in partnership with Tyler Outdoor Advertising and Rebuilding Together OKC.  Linda has lived in her Oklahoma City home for more than 30 years.  She is currently raising four grandchildren and desires to provide them with a safe and clean home.

Drabek & Hill and Rebuilding Together OKC were approached by Tyler Outdoor Advertising this year with the amazing opportunity of advertising a free heating or air conditioning system for homeowners that are in need.  Not only did Ms. Stewart win a heating system, but homeowners will have an additional opportunity to win a free air conditioning system in the upcoming spring season.  Oklahomans have allowed Drabek & Hill to provide them with Air Conditioning, Heating, and Plumbing for the past 53 years, and this is one of the ways the Drabek & Hill family would like to say “Thank You!”

Tyler Outdoor Advertising is honored to have the opportunity to give back to our community to better the lives of our children and families.  We strive to be a positive and productive member of our community; it is our community that makes us Tyler.  Joining with Drabek and Hill and Rebuilding Together OKC has been a pleasure.  We are thankful to have others who share the same determination as Tyler, and that is to better our community, one family at a time.