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Every spring since 1992, our “Rebuilding Day” event has taken place and volunteer teams have repaired over 2,000 homes of low-income seniors in our community. Volunteer teams from local businesses, churches, corporations, hospitals, etc. get together and make FREE home repairs to a home they have been assigned based on skill level.

Rebuilding Together teams complete repairs such as: general cleaning, interior, and exterior painting, laying new carpet, repairing kitchen cabinets and countertops, repairing floors, hanging new doors and windows, repairing siding, repairing roof leaks, installing grab bars in bathrooms, installing handrails on porches and many more needed repairs. This year we are also repairing and painting Victory Baptist Church, a church located inside the Akers Park community.

For our 26th year, we will be in Akers Park. Akers Park is a neighborhood between S. Eastern Ave. & E Grand Blvd to S.E 8th & S.E 15th.  Join us on April 14th, 2018 for a day of making the homes in this neighborhood safe, warm, and dry!

If you and/or your team would like to volunteer whether that be on a home, the church or helping out in anyway , fill out our volunteer waiver HERE

If you are, or know of, a homeowner in Akers Park who would like to be one of the homes that receive free repairs,  you can fill out or homeowner application online here , download and print, or call our office to have an application sent to you.