Ms. Susan


Ms. Susan has been an OKC homeowner since 1983.  She and her husband, Richard, moved into their home and raised two children, one boy and one girl.  The couple frequently attended sporting events at the University of Oklahoma, where Richard had graduated.  Susan worked various jobs as a temp with Express Employment Professionals and she enjoyed serving in a wide variety of roles throughout her life, including in a factory, as a secretary and in inventory.

Today, Susan is a widow.  Her husband passed away due to cancer four years ago.  He did much of the work and repairs on the home.  She hasn’t been able to do any remodeling or serious upkeep since he passed.  Susan is recovering from a severely broken left arm she obtained from a fall.  She is also deaf in her left ear.  Her children both live in different states and are not able to provide the assistance she needs.

Susan’s home is in need of both major and minor repairs.  Her garage door is falling apart and she needs a window replaced.  Each room in the home needs holes patched, cracks filled and a new coat of paint.  Her flooring is peeling up and the carpet is ragged.  The roof of the home isn’t very old, but the exterior also needs new paint.

Susan is active in her church and enjoys attending mass.