Ms. Myra – A Rebuilding Day Homeowner


Myra P loves being a mother, grandmother, and now great-grandmother.  During her 40 years of marriage to her late husband, the couple had five children.  Myra now has too many grandchildren and great-grandchildren to count!   And this woman doesn’t let her age keep her from enjoying time with her family.

Most of her kids live nearby.  Myra will visit them when she’s out running errands.  And they also come to see her occasionally.  Myra gets to play the role of grandma and babysitter.  “It’s just so much fun,” Myra said. “They have so much energy. They’re always on the move.”

During holidays and family get-togethers, Myra enjoys having the family over to her house to celebrate. Their family traditions include cooking a big meal together. Myra likes helping out her family in any way she can.

In addition to being grandma, Myra calls herself an independent woman.  With no kids living at home, she is free to do what she wants when she wants, and she is enjoying every minute of it. While she’s retired now, Myra always worked different jobs, including serving at a restaurant and as a surgical scrub tech.

Myra has now lived in her current home since 1972. She is excited to see what Rebuilding Together has in store for her home.

“I’m breathless, I’m speechless because of all the things they’re going to do,” Myra said. “I had the faith the size of a mustard seed. And now you all are here. If I can’t find the words, trust me–I’m grateful. I’m blessed.” 

A Rebuilding Together volunteer team is working on Ms. P’s home, not only on Rebuilding Day, but for several weeks after Rebuilding Day as well.  They will replace 12 windows throughout her home, remove sliding glass doors to the entry way and replace those with French doors, remove paneling in the living room and re-drywall, repair siding and door frames, and add hand rails to entry ways.

To help support our work on this home and many more like it in the OKC metro on Rebuilding Day, you can donate today and a generous donor will match your financial contribution dollar-for-dollar!!  Are you up to the challenge?!  Click here to DONATE NOW!