Ms. Margie – A Rebuilding Day Homeowner

Margie W

Ms. Margie W. loves taking care of people and she loves Oklahoma!  Margie grew up in Oklahoma and never plans on leaving.

“Oklahoma has been good to me,” she said. “Oklahoma City is good to me.  The people treat you right and you can always find work here.”

Ms. W had another taste of just how good Oklahoma is when a volunteer team from Rebuilding Together let her know they would be working on her home for Rebuilding Day.

“I’m so happy to live here,” said Margie. “God blessed me with this house and I am thankful for your help with it.”

Margie is delighted to have others help her.  She knows exactly how they feel wanting to serve their neighbors.  Ms. W says her vision is to help other people.

Throughout her life, Margie served children through her work in the school cafeteria.  She also worked for the State of Oklahoma as a server.  Margie attended school at Metro-Tech and became an assistant nurse.  The career choice placed her in nursing homes and in private homes serving the elderly.  In 1977, she became certified as a dietary-aid working at Baptist Hospital and other nursing homes.  Unfortunately, having back surgery put her career on hold, but this didn’t stop Margie from helping others.

Margie visits homeless shelters to volunteer, she sends cards to those who are sick, and she tries to find a friend in everyone she meets.  Her church activities also keep her busy and allow her to serve others.  She also enjoys sewing and will alter and hem clothes for other people.

Ms. W lost her husband ten years ago.  The couple had seven children, and today Margie has twenty-or-so grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.  She has lived in her home since 1976.

Rebuilding Together has done some work for Margie, including installing grab bars.

“Those grab bars make a 100% difference!” said Margie. “It’s wonderful.  I’m not afraid anymore.  I can bathe now and enjoy it!”

We hope to make that big of a difference throughout the rest of her home.  On Rebuilding Day a team will replace lights, repair floor tiles, repair termite damage, weatherstrip the home, and paint.

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