Ms. Luvada – A Rebuilding Day Homeowner

luvada neal

Ms. Luvada N. is a very proud great-great-grandmother.  She met her husband in their hometown of Gutherie and the two fell madly in love.  The couple moved to Oklahoma City for his job at Tinker Air Force Base, and quickly started a family.  The family began with just two boys and one girl, but it kept expanding, and expanding, and expanding.

Today Ms. N has 13 grand-children, 14, great-grandchildren, and 6 great-great-grandchildren.  Fortunately for this great-great-grandmother, most of the kids live in Oklahoma City and she is able to visit with them frequently.   Occasionally one of her grandsons will stay with her to assist with larger needs.

Until recently, Luvada was very active in her community.  She previously worked in housekeeping, cleaning for several people in the neighborhood; she also served her church – Mt. Carmel Baptist – as secretary and sang in the church choir.   In addition, Ms. N was an elder-care volunteer for several years.  Luvada had to put most of her activities on hold in February when she became ill and was put in the hospital for five days.

Ms. N is very excited and thankful for Rebuilding Together.  She knows that without the help of volunteers, she would not be able to afford home repairs.  On Rebuilding Day, a volunteer team will replace light fixtures throughout the home, repair the ceilings, fix cabinet doors in the kitchen, and paint all interior rooms.

To help support our work on this home and many more like it in the OKC metro on Rebuilding Day, you can donate today and a generous donor will match your financial contribution dollar-for-dollar!!  Are you up to the challenge?!  Click here to DONATE NOW!