Ms. Lessie – A Rebuilding Day Homeowner


Ms. Lessie is known for her good ole’ country cooking.  She still makes everything the old fashioned way.  This cook worked for Mt. Lebanon Church for more than 20 years serving her community by cooking delicious meals.  Unfortunately, she was forced to retire when her arthritis got the best of her.  Lessie’s legs don’t work like they used to and she stays immobile most of the day.  On a typical day, Lessie enjoys the company of her daughter, Odessa, and spends time working puzzle books.

Born near Henrietta, Oklahoma, Lessie moved to Oklahoma City in search of work.  She worked in housekeeping, cooking and cleaning most of her life to provide for her children.  In the big city, she met her husband out on the town.  The couple got married in 1956.  They were married more than 50 years, until he passed away in 2002.

Rebuilding Together OKC has already installed grab bars for Ms. C. in her bathroom.  On Rebuilding Day, a volunteer team will put more work into the bathroom fixing holes in the floors and walls.  They will also clean and paint other rooms in the home, and install additional lights and ceiling fans.

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