Ms. Addie – A Rebuilding Day Homeowner


All they needed was a week. That’s all it took for Addie and her late husband to know that they were meant to be together. They first met in a little cafe in Colorado. Addie was just twenty at the time she married, but their marriage lasted forty years.

Before her marriage, Addie spent much of her life in Colorado where her and her friends would run around the foothills riding bikes and going on hikes. In her teenage years, her and her friends would roller skate every Friday and Saturday, while they would socialize with the boys from the nearby Air Force base.

Growing up, Addie’s father had a sense of “wanderlust,” which led to them moving around Colorado frequently, where he pursued different careers. It wasn’t much different for Addie’s husband. When they were first married he had several different jobs, however, he found his real niche when he became a handyman for a real estate agent.

Addie and her husband didn’t have kids for the first ten years they were married, which left them with time for plenty of adventures together.

“We had a lot of fun,” Addie said. “We bowled in leagues together. We would go camping in the Red Woods. If we decided we wanted to go somewhere, we just packed up and went.”

During their forty years of marriage, they eventually had three children. They moved from Colorado to Long Beach, California just after their third child was born. Their family spent time together camping and enjoying the outdoors. Addie also helped with her kids’ Girl Scout and Blue Bird troops.

In 2001, Addie’s husband passed away from cancer, and that’s when she decided to move to Oklahoma to be closer to her daughters.

Addie doesn’t leave home much after having health problems with her brain and back, but she does attend church at Del City Church of Christ. She enjoys playing bingo and spending time with her children and six grandchildren. Addie also owns two cats and a quail that live with her.

Rebuilding Together will replace and repair doors throughout Addie’s home, install a new toilet and fix bathroom drains, replace carpet in the master bedroom, install grab bars for safety, and paint most rooms in the home on Rebuilding Day – April 13!

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