Mr. Jack P – A Rebuilding Day Homeowner

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If there ever was such a thing as an urban cowboy, Mr. Jack Pearson would be it. With his shining, silver belt-buckle and black cowboy boots tucked beneath his blue jeans, Jack represents a whole generation of men raised on tough Oklahoma soil and traditional American values. Originally from the small town of Meeker, Jack and his family moved to Oklahoma City while he was in high school into the house he still lives in today. “To me this is home,” Jack said. “You got roots here like you don’t have anywhere else and couldn’t have anywhere else.”

In 1970 Jack enlisted in the military. Five days later, he turned twenty and soon after began his training where he rose to the top ten percent of his class. Months later, Jack was sent to serve in Panama as a tele-typist where he encoded messages. “I was always raised that the least any young man or young lady, that is of age, could do is to give two years of life to serve their country,” Jack said.

Over a year and a half later, Jack returned to the US to finish his years of service in 1973. While stationed in the US, he lived in several different states including California, Georgia and Arizona but eventually came back home to Oklahoma.

Like most people, Jack met hard times throughout his years here, but stayed resilient finding part-time jobs and creating business opportunities for himself, whether it was in the housing market or selling satellite dishes door to door. Jack currently works inventory with RGIS. The job Jack probably loved the most though was playing dad. Jack had the opportunity to raise his niece’s daughter as his own as a single parent and did so with pride. “I remember the day she asked if she could call me ‘daddy,’” Jack said. “That was the greatest honor I’ve ever had in my life.”

Sadly, Jack’s home is falling down around him. With a yearly income of only $12,900 he is unable to pay for needed repairs. This 63-year-old has helped those around him his entire life, both serving our country and raising his niece. He has done all he can do to help himself, and today he is asking Rebuilding Together OKC to step in and make the repairs his home desperately needs. As neighbors helping neighbors, Rebuilding Together OKC wants to remind this veteran why he loves calling Oklahoma City home.

Rebuilding Together OKC will begin by repairing the structure of Jack’s home. Drywall containing cracks and holes will be patched and replaced inside, along with siding that has rotted being replaced outside. Both the interior and exterior will be painted to raise the value of the home and give rooms a lighter and bigger appearance. A new coat of paint will allow Jack to see better as he moves about the house. In addition to painting, Jack has many light fixtures that need repair and replacement, also improving brightness. To remove tripping hazards, the flooring in the living room, dining room, hallway, kitchen, bathroom and one bedroom will be replaced. To help Jack save money on his water bill each month and to prevent the floors from rotting again, Rebuilding Together OKC will provide plumbers to fix all leaky pipes in the bathroom and kitchen. Lastly, to assure safety and security, the electrical system throughout the home will be checked and repaired if needed.