LD and Donna – Rebuilding Day Homeowners


After fifty-seven years of marriage, LD and Donna are as much in love today as they were when they first got married.

“I’ve stayed the same age,” LD joked. “She just keeps getting older, I don’t know what’s wrong with her.”

The two tease each other but it doesn’t take much time with them to see how dedicated they are to their family and one another.

A combination of health problems has left LD on almost full-time bed rest, but this doesn’t keep him from enjoying life. LD keeps his transmitter radio next to his bed along with his faithful chihuahua, Debbie. Just as his love for Donna has never changed, LD’s taste in music has not changed either.  His favorite: Classic country, including Hank Williams, George Jones, Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn.  Donna has a love for music as well.  Her father played in a band in Nebraska and she learned how to dance, along with her sisters, at a very young age.

Music isn’t the only interest that this couple has shared over the years; they were also avid gardeners. They grew all of their own fruit and vegetables in the backyard garden. Donna still loves working outside whenever she can and plants tomato plants along the side of the house every year.

Although Donna and LD enjoyed their life at home together, there would be weeks at a time where LD would be gone for his job on the road as a truck driver. LD, known as “Mountain Man” on the CV, loved the work he did and took Donna and some of their kids at different times on trips with him. He even gave Donna her own CV nickname: “Yankee Lady.”

Life has slowed down a lot for this married couple, but they are still active with a family of nine children, twenty-three grandchildren and now the addition of great-grandchildren. Donna and LD love staying in touch with their kids and seeing their family grow. Donna makes all of LD’s meals and they’ll watch TV together.  They enjoy sitting on the porch and watching birds in the warm weather.

They’re looking forward to springtime and the changes that are going to be made to their house by the Rebuilding Together team.

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