Jacob and Shirley J – Rebuilding Day Homeowners


Jacob and Shirley are both originally from Texas and both relocated to Oklahoma in their teens with their families.  They met at the Rocket Skating Club over 43 years ago.  Not long after, Jacob proposed and the two have been happily married since.  Throughout their lives, both Mr. and Mrs. have worked several jobs, but their main priority in life has been caregiving.

The couple has three beautiful daughters they raised here in Oklahoma.  Shirley opened a day care to stay at home with the girls.  When the girls grew up and moved away, Jacob began struggling with his health.  Shirley provided the support he needed until he was able to retire four years ago.  Jacob suffers from blood clots in his legs and he isn’t able to stand.

Shirley began taking care of her sick mother three years ago.  Shirley was her primary caretaker until her mother passed away in February of this year.  The couple’s youngest daughter also recently moved into the home with her two children.  Shirley is now taking care of them.  When asked who takes care of Shirley, she said that was Jacob’s job.  He spoils her best he can.

Due to expensive health costs, Jacob and Shirley have struggled financially.  The family relied on Jacob’s 401K and savings to survive before he was placed on disability.  Soon the funds dried up, and the couple made tough financial decision choosing between purchasing medicines or groceries.  Making home repairs was out of the question.

Mr. and Mrs. J recently received a new roof through Rebuilding Together’s Year-Round program.  The couple admits that they finally feel comfortable in their home of 27 years.  They describe “getting a new roof was like winning 1 million dollars!”  After the roofers finished the job, Jacob sat in the yard in a lawn chair for hours admiring the work and the new security it provided.

But, Rebuilding Together isn’t stopping there.  Jacob and Shirley J have been selected as one of our 2013 Rebuilding Day families.  Over the next two weeks, a volunteer team will provide additional remodels and safety modifications.  The team will replace the bathroom floor, put in new light fixtures, remodel kitchen cabinets, and paint the entire interior and exterior of the home.

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