I Will Come Through This! (A Message from Robert and Mona)

Hello Jean and the “Rebuilding Together” team,

I just wanted to let you know how much Mona and I appreciate the high-rise toilet you had installed in our home, the bathtub grab-bars and the ramp connected to our front porch.

What an absolute blessing they are.

I’ll never forget the day in March, 2011 when I sat beside Mona in the neuro-surgeon’s office as she explained to Mona that she had from one to two months to live. The doctor gave Mona two options: (1) Check into a nursing home and let herself pass (die) within a month or two. (2) Have surgery in an attempt to remove the extremely large tumor pressing against her brain-stem with the possibility of not surviving the surgery.

I’m sitting next to her in a sweat, trying my best to comprehend what I just heard about my wife’s life coming to an end in a few days. Well, Mona wasn’t going to just die without a fight and she got a little huffy and looked the doctor in the eye and said, “Are you through being a smart aleck with all the negative talk?” (Yes, Mona actually said that.) The doctor said, “Mona, I’m obligated to be honest and frank with you about this.” Mona replied, “I know that, but just go ahead and schedule the surgery. I will come through this!”

Well, Mona’s determination resulted in her surviving the surgery and the doctor calls her a “Miracle Girl”. But, it hasn’t been easy and Mona continues to have serious balance problems and some paralysis along with other issues and challenges connected with damage done by the tumor and two total hip replacements resulting from terrible falls also caused by the tumor.

With the huge hospital, doctor, prescription and other medical bills, the financial strain has been enormous. That makes the gifts from Rebuilding Together all the more appreciated.

Mona actually leans against the grab-bars when taking a shower to maintain balance. The high-rise toilet is really “perfect” for her. And, Mona now easily glides up and down the ramp with ease, whereas before, she had to carefully navigate the high steps and strain getting up and down to the front porch.

Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU!

Robert and Mona














Sincerely, Robert and Mona