Charles and Marilyn O. – Rebuilding Day Homeowners


Charles and Marilyn Owens aren’t worried about a thing. Not because life hasn’t thrown them challenges, but because the way they see: if they wake up another day, that’s a blessing they’ve been given.

And after forty-six years of marriage, Charles and Marilyn have learned what it means to appreciate what they have been given. In that time, they had three children and now have one grandchild.

The two met in high school through her sister that was dating Charles’ cousin at the time. Not long after they graduated, they were married. They have moved around Oklahoma City in their years of marriage but have lived in their current home since 1973.

Both Charles and Marilyn have worked different jobs throughout their careers anywhere from restaurants as a short-order cook to a candy factory. But now, the biggest job they have is babysitting their grandchild who keeps them busy while his dad is at work.

“My father is thirty years older than me. I’m around thirty years older than my son. And now, my son is thirty years older than his son,” Charles said. “It’s amazing to have these different generations.”

Charles was born in Monroe, Louisiana and likes to travel back home to visit his family, including his father, who is in his nineties.

Marilyn, originally from OKC, loves to support the Thunder. She hasn’t been to a game just yet, but she jokes that if someone were to get her the ticket, she’d make it there.

In 2006, Marilyn was diagnosed with congested heart failure, but she’s not letting that keep her from living her life. “I don’t worry,” Marilyn said. “Jesus got me.” She enjoys playing cards with her family and fishing with Charles.

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