A Thank You from Casady Volunteers

Dear Rebuilding Together:

On behalf of the Casady/Mercy/ Youth LEAD OKC MLK Day Team I wanted to thank you for the opportunity you provided our students to serve on January 21, National Day of Service. Mrs. J was kind, welcoming, loving, and flexible. She inspired our kids to the point that one student decided on his own, to get a gift for Mrs. J. Hunter Stack’15 and a group of Casady juniors and seniors presented Mrs. J with a vacuum cleaner purchased at a Home Depot errand for cleaning supplies.

Mrs. J worked closely throughout the day with the sorting team and was complementary of the experience. As we concluded our time at her home, Mrs. J stated how grateful she was for the enthusiasm demonstrated by everyone who worked at her house. The challenges we faced were solved by quick problem solvers and the leadership of actions taken changed according to the need of the moment.

The Casady YAC will be reflecting MLK Day service day this coming Friday. Jim Bonfiglio and I reflected our experience this year and he brought to my attention a path to explore to a sustainable relationship on MLK Day with Rebuilding Together for teens 14-15 years old- our freshmen and sophomores. I look forward to a “reflective tea time” to explore Rebuilding Together interest in an ongoing relationship on MLK Day and what the cost implications will be to get a house again.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve, learn, and build relationships with our Oklahoma City community.

Thank you for contacting the press, the link provided and for taking pictures of our MLK Day experience together. Please reply to all with a picture of the big group wearing the RT t-shirt. Maybe the quality of resolution will be better if just one picture is sent. When you have time, please send feedback of your experience with us as well as suggestions for improvement.

http://casadycommunityservice-learning.blogspot.com/ and http://casadyyac.blogspot.com/