We’re moving out and moving our mission forward!

Enhanced programs. Better services. Same focus.

We’re growing and it’s all because of you.

Some of you were there when we started 26 years ago with an all-volunteer staff.

TOGETHER….we’ve repaired homes, revitalized communities and rebuilt lives.

We’re ready to grow even more and we know you’ll be a part of our story again. 

When you become a [Re]Builder, together, we will build:

New Operational Space
Improved Office Resources
Upgraded Program Equipment
Enhanced visibility to the community

Floor plans for 945 W.Wilshire Blvd, OKC, OK,73116

We want to create safe and healthy communities for our neighbors to live in.

We can’t do this without you! We’re working hard to make this space a place for community development and growth. With this building, we will grow our capacity, increase our outreach and rebuild more lives. Join the campaign and become a [Re]Builder!

Check out this page and all our social media platforms to see our progress and learn how you can get involved!!